Budget Information

Impact of 2011-13 Biennial Budget

thumbnail of map of Wisconsin showing district-by-district staff changes
Maps: Staff Losses by School District, 2004-2012

Final Budget

Animation of staff loss maps, 2004-2012
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Earlier Proposals

  • Specific Elements, Additional Legislation:

Forecasted impact of various proposals on education in Wisconsin

General Information



thumbnail map of Wisconsin using colors to designate high-poverty areasMaps: Free and reduced-price meal claims by school district, 2003-2011

News Release: Free and reduced-price meal eligibility increases for eighth year

map of Wisconsin using colors to designate highest concentrations of students with disabilitiesMap:
Which districts have the most students with disabilities?
Library Use

graph showing upward trends in Wisconsin library use since 1990, with comparison to population change
Graph: Wisconsin Public Library Service Trends

Fast Facts about Wisconsin Public Library Service

Collective Bargaining and Employee Benefit Changes

Revenue Limit and School Aids Changes

map of Wisconsin indicating what the revenue limits changes will be for different areas
Map: How do the proposed reductions for each district compare to this year's funding?
map of Wisconsin showing what the revenue limit changes will be for different areas
Map: How do the proposed reductions for each district compare to what current law would provide?

Internet Access Restrictions

  • State Supt. Memo, re: Joint Finance Committee Action Impacting the UW and Internet Access for Our School and Libraries (Jun 7, 2011)

Voucher Expansion

Maintenance of Effort Requirements

Additional legislation

Special Education Changes under AB-110


Charter School Changes under SB-22

 DPI Position on SB-22 and AB-51 as amended by Joint Committee on Finance (Nov 3, 2011)

map of Wisconsin showing effect of charter funding changes on different districts
Map: How will the proposed changes in charter school funding affect different districts?

DPI Testimony to Assembly Committee on Education

DPI Testimony to Senate Committee on Education

Spreadsheet: Impact of Charter School Changes by School, Senate, and Assembly District

Survey of School Districts by Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators (WASDA, 2011)

map of Wisconsin showing loss of teacher jobs by district
Map: How many teacher job losses have there been?
map of Wisconsin showing projected education cuts for 2012-13 due to 2011-13 budget
Map: What are next year's cuts expected to be?
map of Wisconsin showing losses in essential learning and support programs
Map: What about essential learning and support programs?

map of Wisconsin showing how K-12 class sizes affected by 2011-13 budget
Map: How are class sizes changing?
map of Wisconsin showing change in student teacher ratio for 2010-11 to 2011-12
Map: How has the student teacher ratio been affected?