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What We Do

The team performs budget and policy analysis as well as budget, legislative, and federal-state planning functions. Responsibilities of the team include developing the agency's education agenda/budget initiatives; coordinating agency policy development; analyzing and monitoring key legislation affecting schools, libraries, and the department; coordinating and recommending administrative rule development; coordinating the department's federal grant application process; coordinating the payroll management information system; and providing technical assistance in management planning and resource development.

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2015-17 Biennial Budget Information

NOTE: On September 15th, the Department submitted Part 1 of its 2015-17 Biennial Budget request related to Department operations (including IT initiatives) and funding for Public Libraries. The September 15th budget request also includes requested funding for proposed School Safety initiatives.  The Department’s request related to public school finance (general and categorical aids) will be addressed in Part 2 of its budget request, which will be submitted in November.  At that time, the Department’s full 2015-17 biennial budget request will be posted on this page.


2013-15 Biennial Budget Information



2011-13 Biennial Budget Information



January 2011 Special Session Budget Repair Bill



2009-11 Biennial Budget Information



Previous Biennial Budget Information



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Team Members & E-Mail Addresses:

Erin Fath, Policy and Budget Director, (608) 266-2804
Sheryl Cordell, Budget and Policy Analyst, (608) 266-1344
Katie Schumacher, Budget and Policy Analyst, (608) 267-9127
Jared Knowles, Research Analyst, (608) 266-5186